I Believe in Miracles

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In 1975 Brian Clough had gone from being football’s most exciting young manager to being seen as impossible to work with after walking out on Derby County, leaving Brighton under a cloud and being sacked as manager of Leeds United after just 44 days. His only offer of work came from a run down second division club called Nottingham Forest whose brief glory days in the 1950′s were seen as well behind them. It was predicted that Clough would last less than a season but in five he’d won a remarkable two European Cups consecutively and produced one of the greatest domestic football teams in the games history.

With interviews from every player of that remarkable side I Believe in Miracles tells how Clough pulled off the greatest team story ever told. Using unseen footage of games and the great man himself from that period, they tell us about his remarkable man management and how he convinced a team of players, largely written off by the fans and media, to beat the world’s best. Featuring incredible film cut to some of the best music of the era and exclusive additional content that explores the lasting influence of Clough, the film will appeal to everyone and not just sports fan.